Sticks to move a boat

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Boatmen in many countries use sticks to move their boats through the water.

In venice, the streets are canals of water. And taxis are very funny boats called gondolas. The gondolier advances his boat by means of a long oar, who moves with great dexterity

Turkish boatmen use peculiar oars to move their boats through the harbor.

In the Philippine islands, the loaded rafts move down the river to the market. The men use long poles that they support at the bottom of the river to propel the raft.

These boatmen use long sticks to push their boat, which is shaped like a jar, by a river of Iraq.

These North Bornean boatmen row in a small canoe dragging palm trunks.

The eskimo, when he goes hunting, uses wooden oars to advance his kayak, made of sealskin.

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