Sticks that lengthen the action of the arm

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When you use a stick to fry sausages over the embers of the fire or to retrieve a kite that has become entangled in a tree, this stick acts like a long arm. It allows you to reach places that with your arms would be very difficult to reach.

There are many people who in their work also use canes or sticks that function as long arms.

At the train station

Sometimes, the stationmaster has to deliver a note to the driver of a fast approaching train. The station master cannot hand-deliver the note because the driver's cabin is too high and the train is traveling at a high speed. So, At the end of a long stick, tie the note with a string that forms a loop. When the train passes, the driver leans out of the window and points his arm towards the rope. The loop stays on your arm when it comes off the stick.

The stick with two fingers

In the small grocery stores, the shop assistant uses a long pole to grasp the items placed on the very high shelves. At one end of the stick there are two joints to grip objects.

The long shovel of the baker

To place or remove bread from the oven at a high temperature, without burning arms or hands, the baker uses long shovels.

The window cleaning stick

To clean the large warehouse windows, the cleaning waiter uses a long stick with a brush at one end.

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