To measure time

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When the baker puts the bread in the oven, he listens to the watch to know exactly when to take it out, so that the bread is baked, but don't burn.

Referees are in charge of controlling time and ensuring that the regulations are observed in football matches, basketball and other sports. They wear their watches to tell the players when the game is over.

On the sports courts, athletes run in search of triumph; to control the speed of his race the timekeeper uses a special watch, called stopwatch, with a device that when pressed stops the clock.

When the watchmaker repairs watches, employs one that tells the time exactly. You use it to check whether the repaired clocks work exactly as well.

When the doctor takes your pulse, always look at the second hand on your watch; this way you can control the rate of your pulse beats.

Ship's navigational officers wear clocks and counters. One of the clocks is called a marine chronometer and it tells the time of the Greenwich Observatory, located in Great Britain. Knowing Greenwich time, they can know the position of the ship.

The parking guards control the time that a car can be parked by observing special counters that are in each of the spaces reserved for parking. If the car is still there when the meter has already stopped, the watchman can punish the driver.

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