Police on the highways

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When you travel by car on the road, you frequently meet some policemen whose only mission seems to be to issue tickets to those who violate the code. Actually, his job is to monitor traffic on the roads for the benefit of all drivers. They travel by car or on powerful motorcycles and have radio communication with various control and relief centers.. If your vehicle suffers a breakdown and there is no workshop nearby where they can repair it, Tell the traffic police that they will come to the place where you are and maybe they will be able to repair the

coach. If he can not, arrange everything so that your vehicle is towed to a garage or have a mechanic come to repair the fault.

When there is an accident, the police rush to the scene of the accident and provide first aid if necessary or call ambulances to come quickly. At the same time, it orders traffic so that traffic jams do not form that make it difficult for emergency cars to pass through.. Your intervention can be decisive to save human lives.

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