Sun hats, the wind and the rain

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Many people who work outdoors wear hats that protect them from the hot sun, from the wind and the rain.

The cowboy hat has a wide brim. When it's in the sun, the wing protects your eyes. In stormy weather it protects you from the wind and rain.

When there is a storm at sea, fishermen wear waterproof hats.

Arab camel drivers cover their heads and necks with large scarves to protect themselves from the hot desert sun. When the wind lifts sand clouds into the air, they wrap their faces with the handkerchief to protect themselves.

In the tropical lands, the weather is hot and humid. The hunters, scouts, police officers and many other people wear a type of lightweight helmet called a helmet.

In certain countries, like indonesia and korea, peasants cover themselves with conical straw hats that protect from the sun. In Mexico a hat with a very wide and rounded brim is used.

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