Sounds in the sea

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The radio operator of a coast guard post with the headphones captures by radio signals of ships that are at sea; if you hear three short sounds, three long and three short —di-di-dit, Yes Yes Yes, di-di-dit-, knows there is a ship in danger. This signal is called SOS. After receiving the SOS, the radio operator tries to establish communication with the ship to know what is happening and where the ship is in distress.

So, the coast guard can rush to your aid.

Sometimes, submarines must stay underwater for many days to avoid being discovered by the enemy. The men in the submarine use a device called “sonar” to know if enemy ships are approaching. The man who operates with him “sonar” Wear headphones to listen to noises coming from outside the submarine, picked up by the microphones. If you catch the sound of a ship, use the “sonar” to know your position and route.

Did you know that fish and other marine animals make sounds? Some seem to moo, others emit a put-put like that of a motor boat. Prawns produce a slight crackle when moving their legs. Porpoises growl and hiss. Scientists place microphones underwater to capture these marine sounds.

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