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This second volume of The World of Children is one of the most remembered by those of us who lived through childhood during the years 80, as it transported us to magical worlds, where we become many of the characters in this book. Stories like Gudbrand on the Hill, the Gruff Kids or Goldilocks were some of the stories that some of the lucky ones heard before going to sleep and became inspiration for many hours of games and adventures. We bring to ElMundoDeLosNinos.org the content of Tales and Fables. Welcome to your childhood! Manuel

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Excellent idea!!!


Thank you, I have 23 years and I would be very grateful to see these books again… I leafed through them secretly from my grandmother… but those books no longer exist 🙁 I would be happy to see them again, even digitally


Thank you infinitely, long ago they lost the tome 2 I looked for it where they sell old books but without success, being able to read these stories here makes me very happy


It has been wonderful to be able to read to my son these beautiful stories that my mother read to me when I was little, a thousand thanks to whoever made it possible

Valentina arcia

I would like to re-read the stories I read in my childhood

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x