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After creating the wonderful but a bit dark Earth and Space, the editors apparently realized that the effort to include as many real photographs as possible, had punished the aforementioned tome with little color and attractive to some little ones. In any case, it is clear that to make The Animals, they took into account not to repeat this characteristic and to fill the new volume of many, many colors. This is how we present to the delight of all of you, especially for lovers of domestic and wild animals, the volume The Animals, that you are sure to love as its graphics are simply spectacular. How to forget those charts of complete ecosystems with sketch diagrams to identify each species of it. How not to remember the battle between the triceratops and the tyrannosaurus, the red-eyed frog, the mighty chuck, the cute seal or the scary goat…. What is the article that you remember the most about The Animals? I await your comments! Manuel

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