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Children from all over the world accompanied our growth and learning, bringing us stories from all corners of the world, stories that sometimes show not only the idiosyncrasy of the country of origin but also its social problems. It is the favorite of many also because it allowed us to travel to places we did not know before, ask ourselves how they will live in those distant countries and in the end recognize ourselves in the children of other latitudes. Welcome then to this journey through our memories, imagination and geography.   Manuel

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now to 42 years I realize that this encyclopedia greatly influenced who I am now as a person and that my dreams, that have been achieved for a few years, they started with reading these beautiful books. Gloria


wow! I have 23 years now, I reread all these stories, And it doesn't seem to me like it had been that long! I cry of happiness and nostalgia, because they remind me of those things from my childhood that I had already forgotten and that thanks to this book became magical!


Have 33 and I just relived many years of stories, games and things that we created with these people encyclopedia. Thank you!!!

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