13 - Math

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13 - Math

Maths? What a bore!

That's what most kids say, and also many older people.

The mere word mathematics evokes pages of monotonous number problems, hard to remember rules and lots of things we don't understand at all.

But you won't find any of that in It is book. This is a book about Magic of mathematics. Is full of hobbies, tricks, games, surprises, verses and stories that discover all the magic that is hidden in numbers and figures.

Through this book you will visit a strange country where all the inhabitants are figures: squares, circles, triangles and the like. You will learn to find the "magic number" in your name, and what it can mean. You will be able to build a wonderful calculating machine that is a lot of fun to play with. You will discover some things that can help you have better "luck" in some of your games. And with a paper circle you will learn to do some tricks that will amaze you.

But, the most important, you will discover what mathematics really is. Because in mathematics - or math, as you will soon call them - there is much more than you ever suspected. They really are fun, although, of course, you also have to work a little. Arithmetic is often considered difficult and boring. But it is but a very small part of the whole great world of mathematics. As you grow, you will realize that mathematics is something wonderful.

Here is the first volume of the encyclopedia that I did not know during my childhood. It's known that “The children's World”, who was born in Barcelona in 1958, had many versions throughout its history of something more than 30 years. What was not clear to me is that not all editions of the encyclopedia had the same volumes that I had. Even, investigating a little the history of the work, I found that for a while, Salvat offered the buyers of the Children's World, an additional volume the following year. This volume was precisely Mathematical, a book devoted entirely to interesting and fun aspects of numbers and their interactions.

Personally, I am very excited to read a part of the encyclopedia for the first time, so here we go with math!


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Darwin Coronado

I would like to contact you, I think I have something to contribute from the Spanish edition of 1973


If ☺️


In my collection volume 13, physical,is discover art,I find out about this.


The tome 13 The tome,The tome:Discover art


I would like to have that volume. In Colombia it is discover art 🙁

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