7 – How things work

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7 – How things work

The Children's World was accompanying us as we grew up and when we had already read and re-read the beautiful stories, fables and songs from the first two volumes, after exploring space and knowing many wonders of our world through Plants and Animals, our curiosity was beginning to satisfy the tome 7: How things work. Another pair that starts here and is complemented with How things are done, is a tome full of answers for children's curiosity, that today is satiated through Google or WikiPedia, but that hardly with the same simplicity and beauty that these volumes did.

It is also a volume full of images, diagrams and photos with a more complex design than the previous volumes and that for that reason, it meant a bigger effort to turn it into a web book.

Many of the contents of this book are already quite out of date and may not serve as a technological reference book in many cases., but it will be very interesting for all of you to take a trip back in time to see how our world worked at the end of the years 70.

You find differences between this volume and the equivalent of red covers and green covers? Tell us!


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Henry Perez

Excellent very didactic encyclopedia, brings me many memories as a child…
Thank you

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x