14 - As I am

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14 - As I am

I present one of the most important volumes of the Encyclopedia for me. “As I am” it was the first volume of the encyclopedia that I had in my hands. I still remember that afternoon when a friendly encyclopedia saleswoman sitting in the living room of my house in the south of Bogotá, She took the brand new cream-colored hardcover book out of her bag and opened it to show us page by page.

While doing it, I explained to my parents how the work had been created with children's minds in mind, in their curiosity and in allowing them to explore the world from their perspective. He also spoke of the high quality of the glossy pages of the book and how they could, inlcuso, be cleaned in the event of an accident with a food stain.

After this, gave me the book, that I quickly began to browse to try to absorb as much information as possible. I was especially struck by the photo of the boy apparently jumping a chasm, the girl holding her arm with a pained expression and the images of “X-rays” of the body's organs.

While I was scanning this volume all these memories came back to me as well as many more that were forever tied to the pages of this beautiful volume of the collection. I hope you also enjoy these pages and share the memories that they bring to you..



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