2 – Tales and fables

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2 – Tales and fables

This second volume of The World of Children is one of the most remembered by those of us who lived through childhood during the years 80, as it transported us to magical worlds, where we become many of the characters in this book. Stories like Gudbrand on the Hill, the Gruff Kids or Goldilocks were some of the stories that some of the lucky ones heard before going to sleep and became inspiration for many hours of games and adventures.

We bring to ElMundoDeLosNinos.org the content of Tales and Fables. Welcome to your childhood!


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The digital book was spectacular. Many thanks, Manuel!
These books are beautiful memories of our childhood and a treasure to share with our children..
Thank you!
God bless you!

Rebeca Flores

Thanks for sharing the digital book. It really brings back many memories for the childhood of my children because I told everyone night after night those wonderful stories and fables and I even knew them by heart. My eldest son borrowed them from me so he could count them to his daughters.
Thank you, God bless me


Mine is already very mistreated, thanks for this digital version, I enjoyed them in my childhood and now my children enjoy them every day

Ivan Mendoza

Excellent work, of course I have enjoyed them and one day I hope to read them to my son, a wonderful idea that allows us to continue dreaming.

Salvador G

Beautiful!!! You evoked my childhood. Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you very much! How many hours reading! I remember the drawings, the tongue twisters hehehehe indelible memories of childhood:)


A thousand and a thousand THANKS Manuel!!!

With this job, you have relived wonderful memories of a stage of my childhood, with the digitization of this fantastic work, I can only tell you, thanks a thousand, I share it with the little ones in the house, they have loved, this resource is a way of transmitting values ​​in these difficult times, thanks, again, a great job. God bless you.

a cordial greeting.

Ale Wolf


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Ale Wolf



I could even remember the smell from seeing the illustrations! Thank you very much, I grew up with these volumes, it was a difficult childhood and these books were my escape from reality.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x