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The children's World

Welcome to my personal tribute to one of the most wonderful experiences of my childhood: The encyclopedia “The children's World”.


The expectation

It was the year of 1983 and with three years of age, I was beginning to accumulate some of the first clear memories that I still have in my life. A newly diagnosed elevated cognitive ability for my age, which in my mother's words also translated as having a child “gifted”, motivated my parents, both elementary teachers, to find a way to provide me with the best possible metal stimulation within their limited financial resources.

My father, who years before had been fired from his job as a teacher for participating in union activities, had had to work for a time as a salesman of educational textbooks and owned a copious collection of those texts, as well as a large encyclopedia of 1970 called Summit Encyclopedia, I knew none of those books would capture my restless attention, especially when by then, Color television fiercely snatched the attention of Colombian children, from the hands of classic children's books like Nacho Lee, The Charry Primer or “The Joy of Reading”.

It was then that a literary promoter (euphemism for encyclopedia salesman) from the Spanish publisher Salvat, He visited my father at the headquarters of the district teachers union and told him about the encyclopedia that had become a best seller in Spain and that now had come to Latin America to stay: The children's World.

Then came the home visit that I remember clearly since for the first time I had in my hands a book that strongly attracted my attention. With its bright pages, colorful drawings, great sources and interesting content, It was love at first sight. I remember pointing to images, reading paragraphs aloud and turning pages at full speed while my parents smiled at me and the salespeople looked at them in turn, not with less joy.

From that visit I was left with the expectation to soon have at home the new encyclopedia to devour it complete and a piggy bank that was the miniature replica of one of his books.

A new member of the family

Piggy Bank-Old-World-of-Children-1310-MCO2425935423_022012-O

Some days passed, probably a couple of weeks until the day the cardboard box with blue letters that contained it finally arrived at our house 15 beige cover books that became from that moment on one more member of the family, teacher, companion and unlimited fun, no need for cables, electricity, operating systems or monthly payments (Good, except for the 12 months that my parents paid for it).

There are many memories that I could detail: My dad reading the tales and fables of the volume 2, doing the voices of the characters, hours of fun with the games from the volume on Plants, discover the world through “How things work” and the Universe thanks to “Earth and Space”.

The Search for Nostalgia

Many hours of fun that turned into nostalgia in early 2014 when I was telling my wife about those hardcover friends who contributed to a very happy childhood. I wondered where the collection had gone and I began to trace it since the last time I saw it in the library of our old house in the Gustavo Restrepo neighborhood of Bogotá., over there in 2006.

Abandoned by me and my sisters and without having managed to win the love of my daughter and my nephew, the beloved books went to a village children's home in the municipality of Fómeque, Cundinamarca, where my mother is from. There they surely continued to make many boys and girls happy on the sidewalk.. But home no longer exists, so the encyclopedia is probably in someone's house, the sadly, maybe in some landfill.

Sale of books by Hernan Morales Correa in Barranquilla, Colombia

Not seeing possible the option to recover my old encyclopedia, I started looking online and on virtual sale sites, who had a collection for sale, but not only did I not find more than a couple of sellers on the net, but the photographs they published, they showed the texts in a sorry state. I decided then to look together with my wife for an encyclopedia in good condition in one of the used book stores in the center of Bogotá. After asking in many places, find some loose and quite defective copies and about to give up the search, I asked a salesman who was at the entrance of a winery about her, and the merchant's response caught my attention: “And, I think I have one in good condition, wait for me here”.

The expectation during 15 minutes it took the salesperson to return was similar to what you feel when you are waiting in a cafe, the reunion with a childhood friend. When he finally showed up with the books, I noticed to my surprise that it was the exact same edit that I had 30 years ago and that the state of the volumes was quite acceptable, perhaps better than the one I remember having left my copies in most cases and finally, a price that barely reached a third of what I expected to find for a work in similar condition, And till 10 times less than some specimens that I saw around the net.

How Was Born

When I arrived at my house and showed the encyclopedia to my parents, It occurred to me that perhaps many people throughout Latin America have embarked on a search similar to mine, and maybe they haven't had the same luck. So many, they will fondly remember the work and will have searched Google in the hope of finding some of the texts but like me, they will have concluded that there is no such thing.

So I decided to do the dirty work and bring El Mundo de Los Niños into the digital age, not just for the nostalgic like me, but also for the new generations, that they could find in this work the magic that I found in my childhood and that cultivated my interest in science, nature, technology and literature.

This effort will be worth it if somewhere in the world, some mother or father, use some of the content on this website to read a bedtime story to your daughter or son, if a child is interested and begins to explore all the virtual volumes or if a nostalgic person sits down with their parents to remember the good times in the company of the letters and graphics of the encyclopedia.

The site is not for profit, it has no cost and the only donation I hope to receive, are the readers' comments on each of the pages of this page – homage to the fantastic World of Children.

With love,

Manuel R Avila

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Caros Javier Díaz H

Congratulations and thank you very much. It's worth the effort for nostalgia!


Fortunately, and even though I live in another country, my collection of “The children's World” it still exists in my parents' house in Barranquilla, complete and in good condition. My mom made us take care of those books in a religious way, and every time I travel to visit them, I take one of the volumes and travel through nostalgia and memories. Excellent that you have created this page and that you have collected all the content! !!!!


Maybe you can help me… I'm looking for a reference to a Piet Mondrian painting that appeared in Volume number 13 (Discover the Art). And the photo would be great too.
Thank you very much in advance and a hug from Spain


Hello! Mondrian's painting in the volume 13 is named “Composition C”. I haven't been to my land for a while, but i do remember that page, and I remember that in it there was a painting by Paul Klee.


Thank you, Diana. I've been looking for that composition for a long time and I was already a little desperate.


I was selling that work in the year 1985


Thank you for bringing me such beautiful memories, I am a Mexican who lives in the USA.
I am doing my master's degree to be a School Librarian and in one of my jobs they ask me to make an autobiography of readings.
I immediately thought of that wonderful Children's Encyclopedia that I read so many times in my childhood and youth.
Unfortunately, I can't get a collection for myself (The original collection is in my parents' house in Mexico), but when seeing the virtual collection, so many beautiful readings came to my mind that I enjoyed with those books.
Greetings from the United States.


In Spain, my father ,that he was in love with books, bought this encyclopedia when I had 5 oh 6 years (1973-1974), I liked it so much that I read and reread all its volumes in a very short period. I remember I even sneakily read the last one, what was the guide for parents, although they had told me that I could not read it (Is what the prohibitions have!).
Of course, those books are still kept in my mother's house


Wow friend just in childhood! Thank you, These books gave me the training that the school did not give me.


Before everything, a very sincere thank you, for the work you did sharing this incredible encyclopedia that just like you, he accompanied me during my childhood, that today I want to share with my children.

Javier Saá

I feel everyone on this page as contemporary cousins, those books undoubtedly changed the lives of all of us who were lucky enough to know the world from its pages, thanks to the compiler and greetings to all the big kids who came to this page surely after scratching at our memories and wanting to live them again. Hugs from Ecuador

Irina Verdesoto

Hello! Ibid


I am happy to have found this encyclopedia and to be able to read to my children the stories that once taught me magical and unknown but wonderful worlds. Thank you!!

Andrea m

I also fell in love with that encyclopedia, it is the best memory of my childhood


With nostalgia but at the same time with great happiness, this encyclopedia represents a teaching method that marked my childhood. Each book had its purpose and each time he used it something different he found.

I am a teacher in Normal school. I will surely include several of the stories in my subject. They are beautiful and deserve to be passed on to other generations through our young teachers. HUGS AND THANKS!


My eyes were filled with nostalgia, I grew up and learned with her, my brothers and I remember these books with love, my dad also bought them with a lot of effort, Thank you for this


Just these days I was telling my daughter about 4 years of these wonderful encyclopedias, She is very hungry for reading and learning and I was the same and with these books I satisfied my hunger for knowledge. I never had it, they belonged to a cousin, but every time I visited her she allowed me to take a drink home, my favorite was the storybook. I started looking and managed to find a seller of the complete collection in excellent condition, with little very little use and at an incredible price. And I'm super happy because my daughter will be able to hold such wonderful books in her hands, be able to browse, and looking at those pages is priceless. And just today I came across your wonderful work. God bless you for such a beautiful gesture of taking your time to do this and share it with others. I congratulate you. Thank you
Maybe if I came across your page before, I wouldn't have looked for physical encyclopedias.
Thank you, I applaud you standing.
A big hug from Venezuela

Hernan Morales Correa

Nostalgia I felt that photo belonged to my business, a book kiosk located on the street 38 #44-38 of Barranquilla that was surrounded by the famous public space, because it ugly the front of a franchise restaurant of the Char Pico family, see in Google maps they also cut down an Oak tree of more than 30 years PIKO RIKO today the covig-19 did justice closed after 15 years

Yamile Muñoz

Speechless! Everything you narrate, everything you describe, the expectation, the experience lived through the pages of this beautiful collection is exactly what I experienced in my childhood, I also looked for them full of nostalgia and the work you have done is worth a lot, infinite thanks for recalling such beautiful memories!

Piedad Ramirez

In my case, to have “The children's World” at home, it was like having the world in my hands…
I remember that I used to read and reread the books over and over again, and they were my bedside books in my early childhood.
But the edition that allowed me to develop my avidity for reading, it was not the one you present here. It was a previous edition, whose volumes were titled thus:
1. Early childhood poems
2. Poems and stories
3. Folk and fairy tales
4. Animals and Adventures
5. Tales from various countries
6. Prints of sacred history
7. Famous Men and Facts
8. Funny Games
9. Animals and plants
10. Science and industry
11. The child and art
12. The boy and the music
13. The family
14. Your son
15. The child in today's world


In other editions there is a volume called….”Discover art”……they can publish it here?


I am looking for this tome. It was my favorite.

Carolina Ferro Vasco

Thank God for this page, I thought that I would never see my beloved encyclopedia again, I have in my memory every page, I have to get it and get it back, I was walking up and down with the Do It Yourself volume and did many things from there, I also loved the Poetry and Songs and the Wonderful Places, I have indelible in my memory the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Infinite thanks


Excellent work. I had been looking for the tome 1 and two that in so many years of having my collection I lost them.
My greatest joy now is that my daughter enjoys reading these issues that are still as valid as so many years ago. Thanks for your wonderful contribution..

What happiness! in my childhood I had the opportunity to have this collection of books, and when they moved my parents left it in our old house, when i return to her, my aunt had already given them away, it was very painful for me. The work they did is very pleasant, they allow me to travel to the fantastic world of my childhood. I am very excited to see your work.

Claudia Marcela

Manuel, I just entered your page and it made me travel back in time… I really appreciate the contribution you have made, and I will share it with many friends, Well, I know that like me they will also fondly remember these books and everything that one imagined with them
Really thanks, this has been like finding a hidden treasure

Sofia Martins

Me acabo de “topar” por casualidad con esta maravilla. No tengo palabras, de verdad, para agradecerle esto.
Siempre soñe con poder volver a saborear estas preciosas imagenes e historias y ahora gracias a Usted, lo podré hacer junto a mis hijos.
Me hizo ganar el dia!
Muchas gracias por el magnifico trabajo y por la enorme generosidad de pornerlo aqui disponible para que todos puedan apreciar este espectáculo de enciclopedia.
Cada foto
Cada cuento
Cada receta
Me traen las mejores memórias de mi infancia, con mis primos…. jugando a cocinar, escuchando las histórias y volando con la imaginacion.
Es que vamos! Mirando las fotos, hasta me acuerdo de las manchas de chocolate y pan con queso de cada página ….

Gracias, del fondo del corazón!


I loved those books! Mine went to a school and I wait, as well as mentioned, some child has loved them as much as me!

Thank you for bringing them into the digital age!


Dear Friend, let me thank you for your input, these books are extremely hard to find digitally and i'm so glad just a google search found this site. If at any time you open a donation box, I would be happy to contribute since digitizing these books is a great effort.

Let me share my story with these books and why they are so special to me.

My grandmother bought them for my mother (And her sisters) of course as they grew up and each one left for new homes these books went with different owners. My mother, a very intelligent woman, took almost all of the ones she could and they were the majority of the collection.

As a child I enjoyed reading them but I always felt that they were missing more, the series that she had started from the 3 and it ended in the 12. Where could the rest be?

Luckily at my aunt's house I found the first 2, a little more careless, but they were still something worth taking care of.

Unfortunately I could never find the others 3 remaining, and I was left with the curiosity of how the rest followed and now thanks to you dear friend I have solved the doubt that I have had since I was a child and I have been able to finish a reading that I have pending for more than 20 years.

I feel quite encouraged and will likely resume my search, maybe in these weeks or next year I will visit another of my aunts, maybe they have the remaining volumes, who knows, maybe I will find them and manage to complete the collection. I will be happy to post here if I achieve my goal.

It is also a pleasure to meet so many people who like me fell in love with these beautiful books, but above all it is a pleasure to know that there are people who have dedicated time to share these books and preserve them now in a new digital format.

Again dear friend in charge of the site, I thank you infinitely for your contribution.

Greetings and many successes to you and to all the reader friends who are right now on this site.

-Cristhian (Ecuador)

Irina Verdesoto

What do you tell us! The other comment from an Ecuadorian already told us cousins, so let's be cousins ​​of the “children's world”. I think my comment will be the number 280 or more, because first you want to read the ones that are. Regards.


Thank you for uploading such a valuable collection. I had been looking again for a long time for these tones that were an important part of my childhood and that made me dream so much.

My special tome, my favorite, it was that of the boy and the art (I think it was like that), where I create many stories and games with my little brother and cousins ​​imagining that we got into the paintings. That book also awakened my love for drawing and led me down the path of visual arts, that I'm still, although my profession is another haha. Unfortunately, that volume is precisely the one that I have not been able to find anywhere or if someone finds it or has it, and want to share it, do not hesitate to contact me

Marcela Madariaga Pajoy

What a pleasant surprise to find digitized the encyclopedia that accompanied my childhood so much! effectively, I also undertook the search for this precious treasure without positive result, so that having it even through a device, I was very moved and managed to get a tear out of me (which is not difficult for me). It does not measure how happy it makes me.

A thousand and a thousand thanks.


Hello, Thank you very much for digitizing the books. I have a question: in my book collection, the volume 13 is “Discover art” and not “Mathematics”. what will be the reason? If possible, I am willing to digitize this version. Thank you


Yes please, do it if you can. That tome is my favorite and I can't find it anywhere.
My favorite painting was of a horse sharing a table with a country family.. I don't remember the name of the painting, nor who painted it.


Thank you, I had the whole encyclopedia complete, but when they got lost in a move 10 and the others 5 volumes are already broken, no leaves and good, Thank you very much for all the effort you are making to have this wonderful virtual encyclopedia and thus be able to remember and teach our children!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!


Thank you very much for your effort. The collection I had, that I inherited from my older brother, It's lost because I only have two books left. I would love to get it sometime. Greetings from Mexico.

Omar florez

Thanks for this gesture, I have good memories of my childhood when I came to my aunt's house in Barranquilla on vacation and the first things I did was take out the encyclopedia to lose myself in it for a while.

Constance Garzon

Thank you so much for that beautiful gesture of wanting to share and give happiness to those of us who had the wonderful opportunity to grow up with El Mundo de los Niños . God bless you


I also had her as a little girl, and I've been looking for it here in Spain for years, I'm glad to have found you, at least I can teach it to my children even virtually


Those books bring back beautiful memories of my childhood, I didn't have it but my aunt did and every time I went to visit her she loved to read those books.

nohemi castle

Thank you!!!! I had it too when I was little, I loved it and I remember many times the time my father spent reading me stories and making all kinds of sounds, thus motivating me to learn to read by the desire to know more .

maribel cornejo

What beautiful memories, thank you for making them live…Today I have 38 years and they were my great friends…I have the collection but I am missing volume 3…Children around the world…I hope some time I get it…Greetings from Quito-Ecuador


Many, Thank you very much Manuel!

carmen gonzalez

Congratulations!!! And above all, infinite thanks for having allowed me the happiness of giving for the second time the encyclopedia of The World of Children to my daughter who remembers her as one remembers a lost friend!

carmen gonzalez

Congratulations!!! And above all, infinite thanks for having allowed me the happiness of giving for the second time the encyclopedia of The World of Children to my daughter who remembers her as one remembers a lost friend!


Thanks for the initiative, I have the same wonderful memories of the encyclopedia and we still have most of the volumes in the family but my favorite “Children around the world” we lost it, a real shame. Do you think you can share this tome? Thanks again, greetings from Mexico.


I have it. I can take pictures of you.

Irina Verdesoto

Super good! Antonio,
This is how you join Manuel's amazing work. Thank you

Angy Porras

Hello Manuel, I have the encyclopedia in my house, the version with green paste, all volumes, minus one, They are in good condition. I am very happy to be able to find this material on the web because that way I can share it with the parents of my students.

Congratulations on this wonderful initiative and thank you for doing it..


wow!!1 thanks a thousand thanks,you have made my day,I do not know for what reason and it occurred to me to search the internet for the encyclopedia and first the page appeared on FB,and from there I got here,reading your story is as if I had seen myself,I only had 3rd 4 It wasn't mine, it was my grandmother's and my dad took them home,I devoured the stories over and over again,Like you, I told my husband about this encyclopedia and that's where my love for reading was born,now I tell my daughter those stories…thank you for reminding me how exciting it was to read those books and how happy it makes me to hear from them again….THANKS.


Valuable memories and endless afternoons of reading, This collection was given to us by my father because he was a salesman for a publishing house and he brought it home thinking of us for our education and entertainment, which I took with great effort. Today to my 41 years I finally find her after having searched so much on the web, Today it is shared with my little infants so that, like me in my time, they can imagine each story and that is how I fell in love with travel and adventures. Thank you for this effort that is in my heart! Greetings from Ecuador.


How do you say in your introduction, I have also started the search for this edition, I am contemporary with you and from so much reading The Children's World I ended up losing some volumes and destroying the rest and now you cannot imagine what I would give to have them all again and be able to give my son who is barely beginning his life (have 9 days) the pleasure of knowing such a beautiful encyclopedia: I grew up with El Mundo de los Niños and I think I will remember it until I die, I know it sounds quite sentimental but many of us here know that we feel the same or something very similar. Your work is excellent and I would love to be able to get all the volumes as well as you did. While i will enjoy your page. Thank you for what you are doing, I had also been looking for it on the Internet for some years.


Hello!! What a tune of nostalgia!! Thank you for your advice. I am also behind to recover those treasures of childhood 😉

Mafe González

My in-laws inherited my baby, the collection is not yet born, tomes are missing 1, 6 and 14 what we will look for in the sale of books. We will bring the encyclopedia from Pasto to Bogotá, they cannot imagine the happiness of finding again the wonderful “Children's world”

What a good idea

Hello, someone remembers some cartoons that sometimes put fillers, that told traditional Japanese legends (or chinese, …) and that at the beginning or the end there were some Japanese masks??? They lasted a few minutes and they played them without warning from time to time. Does anyone know what they are called or how I could look for them?

Veronica Pizana

Hi Ricardo, I found in your words at the beginning of the page the same feelings and nostalgia that I have towards this encyclopedia. I could tell you a thousand things but in the end it boils down to thank you very much for doing this and of course doing it very well. Regards!

Luis Alberto Espinoza Leon

From Ecuador, THANK YOU DEAR MANUEL RICARDO AVILA RINCÓN, my childhood rediscovered in its total joy, ready to pass it on to my offspring.


Manuel, a thousand and a thousand thanks for this beautiful work! you will not believe me, but I cried from the nostalgia that finding these wonderful texts that I grew up with caused me. A huge hug of thanks from Bogotá!!!

Irina Verdesoto

Hello Leonardo,
If one day I pass through Bogotá, I'm going to invite you to have a chocolate in Florida, through the center and “we will cry” in chorus. I've been reliving my happiness for hours. I think my comment will be after 283, Well, three have been added while I read them all, until it's my turn. Regards.

Jairo Paramo

Excellent project, thank you very much for such a noble task.


how great I have 24 years and the truth this book marked my childhood, happy to be able to find it since my collection was stolen from me 🙁

Ariana Calan

oh, my God !!!! what happiness!!! I am Mexican and I have 26 years, I am the second generation of the house I grew up in who read this encyclopedia , and I still remember my grandmother with me on her legs singing the songs and reading the beautiful stories(now I realize that many of them were the product of his imagination and not of books hehehe), motivated my imagination and caused a huge desire to learn to read and myself to possess these wonders.
I tried to have the encyclopedia in my hand , that still remains complete at home, but my father appreciates it so much and I can't convince him to give it to me. I tried to buy it online but it has been useless and the prices, That goes without saying!!!
Now I'm the mother of a two-year-old who already asks me for his bedtime stories, there is also a small one on the way to which I will not hesitate to read it too….even my husband who does not like to read I have infected him with this fascinating discovery.



Grateful, I've been looking for this encyclopedia and the memories of my childhood for years.
I can't find words to express the happiness and gratitude I feel.

Luis Alberto Espinoza Leon

From Ecuador, THANK YOU DEAR MANUEL RICARDO AVILA RINCÓN, my childhood rediscovered in its total joy, ready to pass it on to my offspring.

nohemi ramirez

Hi there!!!! As a child I also read these books and you don't know how much pleasure it has given me to find them this way thanks to you. They make me remember my grandmother that I love so much. Finding A's tale”near or far” I was excited again the same”!! Thank you very much!!! You don't have the volume of Wonderful Places?? It would be great to be able to read it again 🙂. Thanks again!!!!

Irina Verdesoto

You're the best!

Brenda Guerra

Good day, these books are amazing,where can i buy them, I'm from Ecuador


Many thanks!!! What a great gift you have given us!! May God bless you and multiply blessings and favors!

I also had this encyclopedia in my childhood. What beautiful memories…. and I was looking everywhere, without result, to buy it for my son.

Thank you very much!


Unfortunately I was never the owner of such a beautiful collection! that were rich things! but I had the opportunity to read them each and every one at the house of a friend who did have them but did not care. A friend of mine just uploaded this link to facebook and here I am… reading the story of Pandora again and looking at the pictures. Thank you, parcero!!!!!


Coincidentally from some talk these days I remembered the image of the donkey, dog, cat and rooster one on another and I dedicated myself to looking for it on the net so that those who touched the subject would believe me, I remembered that at my parents' house there is still the complete encyclopedic and in excellent condition but I couldn't go there because of the image so I looked, searching I found this wonderful publication that you make, this is really a treasure that, as you say in your presentation, offered all my family unforgettable moments, congratulated him for such a good idea, I hope many internet users get to know this beautiful and unique encyclopedia, Thank you.

Guillermo Gil

Over there in the early 90 I took the book of stories and fables from an aunt's house. I fell in love with children's stories, and reading. My cousins ​​were never interested in that encyclopedia, so they never asked me, but we moved several times, so i didn't see it anymore. Today I work in a school in Valledupar, and in the library I saw the encyclopedia in relatively good condition, but several books are missing, among them, Guess which! Yes, Tales and Fables. And I started googling and look what I find. A strong hug, friend. Thank you very much for uploading it, greetings and admiration from the capital of vallenato.

Abigail Tañón

Thank you very much! I think we have some volumes left in good condition at my parents' house in Puerto Rico. I wish I had kept them but my beloved little brothers were very careless. These books opened the doors to the world for me. Yesterday a friend asked me where my love for traveling came from, to do and I replied: The Children's World Encyclopedia. Thank you! Tonight you have made me excited with this page.

Anton Saez

I am twenty-one and the copy I have is of stories and fables, I am a writer and having had the privilege of having this copy influenced me greatly, I greatly appreciate the dedication and work you put into it, and that not knowing that there was an encyclopedic compendium I missed many things.


I still do not leave my astonishment!! I have goose bumps and tears escape me! Impressive work that you have done, I have been dreaming for years of the book of stories and crafts in this collection!!! They marked me for life, and find them on the net, in this altruistic way I still think it's too pretty to be true! Thank you, makes me think there are still good people in the world, A big hug from Spain!

Ana Ma

I can't explain the feeling of meeting these images again, verses and songs! Thank you millions of thanks for allowing our children the opportunity to learn and enjoy this encyclopedia beauty! What a great emotion!

Adolfo Cordova

Hello great job, Are these stories royalty free?


Hello, how are you still keeping the encyclopedia? I grew up reading it, It is excellent in this moment we are using it in a workshop of directed tasks for children, although time has already claimed its long years of use. I am from Venezuela.


HooooooLaaaaa! To the happy idea and, to everyone who loves that collection!!!!!!!!I read them with delight, astonishment, admiration at my childhood friend's house. I always wanted to have them and it did not occur to me to order it at home: we were so docile!!!Some time ago I started thinking about googling your search and just today the editorial data came to me. The first thing that appears is this collective of worshipers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy idea, and, they surely did not expect this result, that will have surprised them like each one of us.
I will walk it with my grandchildren, but equal, I declare that I also want to buy that collection, when i find it, just like Monteiro Lobato's: that of the adventures of Perucho and Naricita.
We are not nostalgic: we seek the roots of our fantastic world, and share it with those who follow us.
Thank you very much for this unexpected gift, Friend!!!!!
Susana, Between rivers. Argentina. 63 years. Many wonderful grandchildren.


HooooooLaaaaa! To the happy idea and, to everyone who loves that collection!!!!!!!!I read them with delight, astonishment, admiration at my childhood friend's house. I always wanted to have them and it did not occur to me to order it at home: we were so docile!!!Some time ago I started thinking about googling your search and just today the editorial data came to me. The first thing that appears is this collective of worshipers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy idea, and, they surely did not expect this result, that will have surprised them like each one of us.
I will walk it with my grandchildren, but equal, I declare that I also want to buy that collection, when i find it, just like Monteiro Lobato's: that of the adventures of Perucho and Naricita.
We are not nostalgic: we search for the roots of our fantastic world, and share it with those who follow us.
Thank you very much for this unexpected gift, Friend!!!!!To done: chest!
Susana, Between rivers. Argentina. 63 years. Many wonderful grandchildren.


Hello, I am writing to you from Quito, Ecuador. I congratulate you for the initiative. I read the introduction and I got nostalgia. I am also one of those who read the entire collection - up to the volume 15-. I still have it, although I am missing number two and four is half unbound. The one you publish is exactly the same edition that I have, of 1983. Congratulations. Now i follow you.


Manuel I couldn't help my tears reading your experience with this encyclopedia because it was very similar to mine, these books gave my mind an amazing shape and a very different point of view on things

Edrin Alfonso

I had 4 years in 1983 and I also perfectly remember this beautiful encyclopedia although I never had it at home due to the high cost of these beautiful books I was fortunate to go whenever I could to a neighbor (I lived in the Casa Blanca neighborhood in Bogotá) who had it, practitioner I was visiting just to see the books if I remember it as if it were yesterday I think I did all the activities of the books together with my brother and that I do not miss a page to read ... now it is very pleasant to know about this gem again In the world we live in today these works are unfortunately on the way to extinction, I'm sure that if I had children, the first thing I would do is get the encyclopedia in any way so that they have the pleasure of knowing it, as I also had. Thanks for sharing, it is inevitable that some tears of happiness will escape, greetings from Bogotá

Francisco Ospina

I keep mine in perfect condition and from time to time with my daughter from 20 months we sat to see the volume of animals. I also keep this collection

Hardy Attack

What a good job you did! You took me back to the years 80. That nostalgia! Really, Congratulations.


I go to Pinterest almost every day, Today I found some very interesting illustrations that led me to finish here:
I see these illustrations by Ryo Takesama and they interested me a lot, I do the following search for his name in FB and google search and it amazes me even more, I go back to pinterest and there is something that maybe familiar with him the style of the Japanese illustrator immediately catches my attention (Charlie Harper) obviously the illustrator, I did not know his name but he did recognize his work immediately, my search begins again, Well, I know where I have seen his work, by question almost automatic when I find more information I write in google the world of children
and I got here

Like many of those who have commented I grew up with this encyclopedia, I was very surprised by the mere fact of putting the title appeared there, right in my sight in the result, first…
…my books are still complete, some in perfect condition, others not so much, but they are still there, as impressive and full of life as the first day I learned to read with them.

from New York, Thank you very much for dusting them off and putting them here

important fact Manuel, the illustrators data, I don't see their names in the references, I remember that at the end of each book, there are the names of the writers, poets, artists, photographers and illustrators

norbelis pérez

Thanks for this post., I am sharing it with my students and they really liked it a lot, never close this page because it has become a contact with beautiful memories of my childhood

I hope so Norbelis, as long as i can i will keep this site up for y'all. Thank you for your beautiful message

Carolina Marta

I love the world of children! I keep the complete encyclopedia in very good condition. I am anxious for my girl to 10 months I enjoyed it as much as I, but if it doesn't do it physically, I hope to conquer it with this page, Thank you!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x