11 – Do it yourself

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11 – Do it yourself


“Most of the things that are built according to the indications in this volume can be made with used or low-value materials that you find in your home, or with materials purchased in a nearby store. Here is a list of those materials and the tools you will need. But editors expect you to use your imagination and good judgment to tailor projects and materials to your needs and your means.” This is how it starts Do it yourself, the creativity manual that taught us to play, to knit, cook and sometimes even damage something at home.

Either way, nothing will match that feeling of seeing some of the tricks materialize in real life, experiments or crafts that this volume gave us. It was something magical: having the puppet in our hands or using an element created by ourselves taught us that imagination is much more than fantasies, is the beginning of the creation of new worlds and realities.

This is perhaps the richest tome in design and therefore the most difficult to digitize, but it is a challenge that we gladly accept. With you, Do it yourself.


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This is not the “Do it yourself” that I knew from the series “The children's World” (It sure is a “previous edition”) nevertheless very good job. Thanks to this tome, it was that I was motivated to study graphic design…


Manuel, good job! you cannot imagine what I have looked for this encyclopedia is a mixture of nostalgia and joy to find it. You don't know how many hearts you make happy with this.


Hello! Is it possible to find online the edition of 1980?

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