4 – Earth and Space

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4 – Earth and Space

Here's one of my favorite tomes and the one that opened the doors of my mind for science and space exploration. Thanks to this tome, many of us come to understand our place in an undiscovered Universe.

It was also a source of answers for the most restless minds in Latin America, In times when the Internet did not yet exist to answer any questions and the television to which we had access was still very limited in scientific content.

With this volume we leave behind the children's stories, the poetry and the songs, but not literature since in the pages of this wonderful volume, we continue to find harmonic prose and even inspired verses to explain the sometimes difficult intricacies of astrophysics, geology and chemistry.

I await your comments and as always, tell us what your favorite items were, those who surprised them the most or the anecdotes that these pages bring from their memories.


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Hi how are you. I am very glad to have found this page. I have all the volumes of the encyclopedia, except this one because my mom gave it away. So it is a great fortune to be able to find it to remember the content of the book.
I thank you for all the effort you took to publish this space.
Receive a cordial greeting from Mexico.


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