12 – Watch and learn

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12 – Watch and learn

I must admit that “Watch and learn” it was one of the volumes of the Children's World that I least frequented during my childhood. My preference was books with scientific and technological themes. However, my sister Julia probably found in the book No. 12 one of the motivations to become a graphic designer. Upon revisiting it recently, I have been surprised to see perhaps the best welcome door to the world of art..

As usual, We hope you enjoy it and that you share the memories that this book brings you., the articles they liked the most and their favorite images.


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Thanks to this book (With him “Do it yourself”) it was with which I also motivated myself to be a graphic designer…


These books are a treasure, Thank you for sharing them


Very good books
With them we learned a lot together with my brothers
I would like the missing books to come up, 13, 14 and 15
Greetings to the community

Lorelay Kalinowski Miranda

Many thanks! As you say, we are several nostalgic people who evoke memories of a childhood full of imagination. (as in my case), hand in hand with these books.
Without pretending to abuse the enormous effort that must have meant going digital 12 tomes, maybe you could upload the parenting guide too.

Flor Suarez

I am very grateful to my father for buying me this encyclopedia as a child. They motivated in me the desire to read. Excellent post, since they clearly explained the processes and things that were happening in various parts of the world, in a world where the internet did not yet exist. Very grateful for the encyclopedia.

Maria Chavez

It has served me a lot as a school Librarian, I have supported many students to use this wonderful material.

However, I would really appreciate if they had a search engine, as a box where to put the keyword and that takes you to the related information.

Thank you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, please, he comments.x