3 – Children of the World

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3 – Children of the World

Children from all over the world accompanied our growth and learning, bringing us stories from all corners of the world, stories that sometimes show not only the idiosyncrasy of the country of origin but also its social problems.

It is the favorite of many also because it allowed us to travel to places we did not know before, ask ourselves how they will live in those distant countries and in the end recognize ourselves in the children of other latitudes.

Welcome then to this journey through our memories, imagination and geography.



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Without a doubt my favorite volume in the collection. Looking for these stories is that I came across this wonderful site. Thanks for these memories!!

Vanesa Mora Arturo

It is wonderful, to know that I can finally remember such beautiful stories, which when I was a child was the absolute fantasy! Thank you very much for making sure that these beautiful stories are not forgotten and also that we can read them to new generations. Blessings and a big hug!


Already, I just cried with emotion when I was reunited with this wonderful collection. Especially with the volume 3 and the tale of Sweden. I read it hundreds of times. It was so engraved in my memory that now I tell my daughter from 9 years. Until the word killeviquen… AND, trying to find the collection to have it again, I find this jewel… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. A big hug.


Thank you for bringing such beautiful memories of my childhood. I really liked these books. Especially this volume CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD. It was the first time I knew of other countries, its flags and its culture. Congratulations on such an admirable effort to bring this collection to the internet.


Infinite thanks, you have returned me to a happier time in my life.

Pati Leal

Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this great gift ♥ God bless you!


Thanks for sharing, This is an important part of my life and I thought for many years that I had lost it when my mother sold the encyclopedia many years ago., After so much time turning its pages again is like magic, that same magic that their stories transmitted.

Maria Alexandra Diaz Robles

Thank you very much for this contribution. As I have lived in some countries, I have not been able to carry the material collection of The Children's World with me and I barely keep the number. 13 "Discover the Art".
With these tales, my favorites are the one from Sweden and Holland, I was so happy, I reread them many times and keep them in my memory and heart. Thank you very much again for this gift of happiness!



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